The Office - Day Six

Okay, so here it is. We did infact finish it the day after the last room entry but I have only just got round to posting the photos! We are very chuffed with the results and are already using it to its full potential!!! In fact I am writing this now ensconsed in my chaiar at my newly positioned desk!! Dave has bought himself a new, huge, office chair so has buttocks cushioned on clouds! Ahhh! I have the old cast off chair but I'm just glad I have a chair and desk at all now!!!

Dad came in a successfully put in the skirting board and also relaid the white carpet that we removed, into the upstairs bathroom, to replace the manky green one. The bathroom now looks great, like having a whole new one!!

What Makes Me Happy?...

Completeing an annoying puzzle game! That's what!! I have been trying to do this puzzle for like two days or something but I have managed it!

Grow Cube

Seriously, check it out, give it a go, you have to click the objects in the right order to make the cube come to life...

Very frustrating but very addictive...

I was dreaming cubes last night!!

The Doughnut maker - Workers Break

Just to break up the sea of office posts here is one about the doughnut maker! We tried making chocolate doughnuts.... and here they are!! They were okay, but I think I prefer the regular ones. Going to try cinnamon ones, although David doesn't like cinnamon and also perhaps apple ones, with a bit of apple sauce in the mixture!

The Office - Day Five (Nearly There!!)

Well, with David having half the day off after his interview, we managed to not only start, but finish the flooring!! We took plenty pictures so you can get a kinda Photo Story going on! The first problem we encountered was having to take the old skirting board off. We had originally thought we wouldn't bother but decided that it would be a lot more professional and neater looking if we did. As you can see Dave got right in there with his chisel and hammer!

We also, as you can see, through the power of image manipulation, we also got the border up to. It was easier than I thought it would be, although it did keep peeling off the wall when I was trying to line it up properly! I looked like some kind of Mr. Bean episode, running round the room trying to catch it before it all fell off! - It all fell off! - It really is a pretty border though, the dark purple bit are all velvety and the flowers and edges are rasied silver, umm... stuff!

The hardest part was cutting the boards to go around the radiator. Once that was completed it was just a case of cutting the boards to the right length for the room. Dave got stuck into that, he was the Development Department and I was the Measuring Department! I also doubled as Technical Support (I held the wood while he cut it!) and we both branched into Fitting! But it paid off, three hours later and we had a brand new floor and it looks great! Just need the skirting boards put back on and the new stuff added, dad is coming to do that this Friday, or possibly Saturday. When he comes he is going to bring at least one of gran's old bookcases. I can't wait to get it all set up as an office! And, as an added bonus, we are going to put the old office carpet (white) into the upstairs bathroom, to replace the old one (green). It should lighten the whole room up, bit too much wood, bit dark!

The Office - Day Four

'Call in the clean-up crew!'

The wallpapering is finished and I am pretty chuffed! For a first ever attempt at putting up wallpaper it doesn't look half bad! There are places where I have learned for the next time, but that's to be expected!

I finished the day covered in wallpaper paste, not sure why today I tried to paste myself but there we go!

As usual we have the 'What's it look like now?' photos, so here they are..

As you see its not looking too bad! Have to start the floor, which we will do tomorrow. Then just the skirting board to do....

Easy *cough*...

The Office - Day Three

Well so commenced the wallpapering, and what a learning curve it has been!! There are a few mistakes, one rather obvious one, but a book case will cover that! LOL. I have wallpaper paste all over me, at one point I dropped, paste-side down a full sheet of paper onto myself! Don't quite know how I managed that, paste side started off away from me! But I must be about half way round, and I am hoping that I will have enough paper, its at that awful time when you think
'It looks like enough, but maybe it isn't, I bet if its not the shop won't have any more, how much extra did we buy again?'

Well, as usual I have pictures, you can kinda see the difference, the wallpaper is cream, and so are the walls in some places! But I assure you it is different...

The Office - Day Two

'Where's Dave? The work's begun!'

Okay, it was another day of decorating today. I managed to get the wallpaper off of all of the walls. Had to soak the undercoat but it was peeling off extremely easily, a lot more easy than I had expected it to be! Dave has done the remainder of the polyfilling so, apart from the cleaning of the walls we are ready to get started on the wallpapering. Hopefully I will be able to start on that tomorrow, the sooner we get it done, the sooner we can get the office made up again. I am quite looking forward to it, I love decorating, cos you are left with a brand new room, so much potential, its like having a new house, or getting a present!


'Nice dungarees!! Well, I felt I had to look the part! I'm just impressed I managed to take a photo of myself!!!'

'Monty tried to help but he's not really sure what's going on!'

The New Room!

'What you need to decorate a room'

Well, we finally got started on the office. Dad took the old wardrobe out on Friday so today was spent buying wallpaper, which we have never attempted to put up before. We then made a start on removing the old paper and filling a few of the holes left in the wall from the removal of the wardrobe.

So these are the before photographs, some of them show the wallpaper off, and some show some of the lining paper off aswell. We'll have to see how it goes and how it improves! It should do, new walls and new floor!

4th January - My Birthday!!

Its my birthday! Well it was on 4th January! I was off at the boat with mum, dad and Pyper, well Pyper stayed in the car he is in no way a sea-dog! Well, it was absolutely freezing! Anyone who knows me, knows that I rarely feel the cold, well I had four layers on today and was thinking 'Boy, this is a bit chilly'!! Well, it did start snowing as we were leaving!

I haven't been on the boat in ages so it was a nice change and treat for my birthday!

I got some great presents including a doughnut maker from David, so we have been playing with that all day today! It is surprisingly good and has made some really lovely tasting doughnuts!


Well, Hogmanay has been and gone! Once again it saw us at a Hogmanay party with the music supplied by David. And very good it was too. A great crowd and a great night!! Unfortunately dad wasn't able to make it as he was feeling very unwell! :( We had a good time nonetheless and a good time was had by all!

David has even been booked then and there for next year's Hogmanay and for a Wedding Anniversay party!! Great stuff! As usual, yes, I have pictures!!!

Mum and George!

David and his gear..