Got the sweets in for the favours so have been wrapping chocolate with voile like a woman possessed!! They are all done though, just three sit downs to do 92 (then I ran out of ribbon) favours, that should be enough as RSVPs have started coming back and we are at something like 81 people and 13 kids (not that children aren't people but they aren't in terms of favours. They are getting their own!!) Lucky things I'm not... I want a favour!

This is actually run two of the favours as the first time we bought some lovely little edible silver leaf covered choclates.. and little they were, so we have had to bulk them out a bit, and to be honest it has made a much nicer looking gift! Hurray for mishaps that lead to creation...

In the same boxes came the disposable cameras that we are putting on each table, so peeps can take photos of the goings on. To be honest I am most looking forward to seeing the ones we get from the chldren's tables!! Embarrassing photos aplenty...

The Pipes - The Pipes!!!!!

If they are calling.... run away.

I had wanted to be piped up the aisle to Highland Cathedral, really love that song! But now it has been recommended that we get piped back down the aisle, but what to? I haven't liked anything so far, and when people keep asking you and playing songs at you over and over, at some point you have to crack....

The Fitting - It Does!!

Well we went off for our dress fittings, as well as a crazy day the day before when Jess had a trial of her hair and we both had our make-up done!! Gillian is going to have all this to look forward to next week when she is down from Elgin!!

The hair went great, Jess looked good, we even got to spray her with spray on glitter! Sounds a bit retro but isn't, trust me, i'm a bride! It did look good though so I am wondering if I should change my hair too. I'm not 100% happy with some of the phots, quite frankly they make me look bald. hmmm....

The make up was WAY better than the first run through, very natural looking, just how I wanted it to be. The first time was just too heavy for me, particularly as I am not used to wearing make-up at all.!!

Dress fitting, I thought I wasn't going to like the woman initially, as she seemed quite brisk and official, but I guess if you are used to having to deal with scatty brides every day then you have to be a bit controlling. But soon it became obvious that i wasn't going to be like that as, apart from two stitches, my dress fitted perfectly! Nothing needing doing! Excellent! And cheap!! I tried the dress with a hoop but.... well, its ridiculous, now I know how those old knitted toliet roll dolls felt!! ANd with Jess only needing minor alterations.. good times!!

We chilled out in the afternoon with a trip to a Victorian market, where we explored the stalls and listened to a little band made entirely of people bonking bells, really pretty!


Well, I have been much a winner this past few weeks!! Went to the Highland SHow and dragged Dave around all the stalls in the food hall entering all the prize draws!! Well, a couple of days later I came home to a big box stuffed over our back gate, all wet from the rain and wedged on the fencing we have back there. Inside.... a big fruit basket, I had won one of the prize draws!! Yum Yum!!

Then just yesterday, got the COuncil's inhouse magazine to find my name as the winner of a food hamper from the local deli! Not sure how I claim this one, haven't heard anything official yet but hurray!! More food on its way to me!!!

They are done - Oh Lord, they are done!

Finally finished the invitations which I am making myself. Did you ever start something and then half way through realise that it maybe wasn't such a great idea....

They look good though, even if I do say so myself! Just have to ship them off to M&D now and they have the equally unenviable task of mailing them all out to the guests! I have also finished the little place name tags too, they are very elegant and simple and a lot faster to make!! My uncle is using his calligraphy to write the names on them
he is also doing some fancy work around the outside of the main table plan, i forget the posh name but its the kind of drawn patterns that monks used to put around their work... what is that called....

The insert to the invitations are causing a bit of grief, one fact being that i want to be referred to by my first and second name, not just my first. If David is getting the whole lot, first middle and last + a MR and mum and dad are getting MR & MRS 'the whole hog' why am I just Rosemary? Looks odd to me, although apparently that is how it is done. Hmm.... not on these invites me thinks...

Confetti - Who Knew!!!!


Confetti, who knew it would be the most difficult thing of the whole wedding to organise!!! How much does each person get? How many people do you supply to? When do you give it to them? And how? I kid you not David and I were on the computer for I would say, in all, 3 hours!! Give or take!
Do you want the stuff measured in cups, litres or grammes?
Fine. Here's the cones to put it in.
How much goes in each cone?
About a handful.

About a handful? Not even A handful, just about a handful. Whos hand?

All this is of course after you have decided what type of confetti you want!! Luckily I had known from the outset, whcih is probably why it was being made so difficult, I wanted real petals.

Eventually we found a great company who had a very helpful website. We decided to get the amount they recommended for 40 people, that's about half our guests. That way we are supplying some for those who have none and also guarenteeing some nice confetti for the confetti shower photos! Gone for deep burgandy and cream.

Flowers & ... Feet??

Today was flowers day, also it was hair day and make up day but they are in another post, this post shall be entirely for flowers!!!

Had a meeting with the florist...

It was very productive although it was two hours of standing up, mucho sore feeto. I was already pretty sure what I wanted, in a vague kind of way. I don't know much about flower arranging, scratch that, I know nothing about flower arranging. But I knew the effect I wanted and I knew the flowers I wanted featured, anything that needed to be added to make it happen, was fine with me.

Luckily we are using a florist who ran a shop down the street from my parents bookshop and so had known me all my life, this meant she knew the kind of thing that I would like, I felt comfortable in letting her decide and producing something that I would love.

The flowers that I wanted featured were Black Baccara roses and some form of cream ones. Also Calla Lillies in 'black' and cream. Beyond that I was easy!!

Oh the other thing that I wanted is fish bowls. You know the round things for goldfish! Well, after much discussion the fish bowl design was set. 2 or 3 cream callas coiled around inside the bowl, with one cream one out of the centre (this was suppose to look like a candle as the one we are actually having on the table are quite small). The bowl will be part way filled with water and at the bottom we have battery powered, waterproof, tealights which will sit in some burgandy voile! This will all sit on a mirror tile and be surrounded by some little burgundy tealights!

The top table is having some large arrangement in the middle that trails downwards, through which will be little nightlights. This arrangement is having both colours of the two flowers I wanted in the arrangements.

My bouquet is just having the roses (cream and black) plus alot of foliage and floaty business (see I don't know anything about flower arranging). My bridesmaids have similar design but with the calla lily included. The flwoergirls are having a single lily wrapped in some voile.

It all started to look and feel completed. I was happy that the florist again seemed to be giving me what I wanted and directing me to what could be done without making it feel like I was being told what I wanted!!

Hurray!!! Another thing off the list..

Oh and some of those dark roses are going on the cake as decoration!!