Wedding - D-Day!!!

Well, it was the most perfect day!! i am sure that many people say that about their wedding day but this really was. We had no major problems, a few blemishes but we just smoothed then away. Although it had been pouring with rain at the beginning of the week Thursday came round sunny and warm. The atmosphere was incredible, it was difficult to realise that the whole of this beautiful setting, the castle, the gardens everything was totally there just for us and our guests to enjoy!!

I was SO nervous in the car on the way to the castle!! We hadn't booked anything special vehicle wise but dad dressed up as a chauffeur to drive myself and Jess there! I was fine when we were having our hair and make-up done but at any point when I had to just sit and wait, I got really scared!! The little flower girls looked wonderful and seemed to really like being dressed up!! So did the bridesmaids!

I saw my bouquet for the first time about 20 minutes before I had to leave and it was beautiful, my little 'putting-my-foot-down' moment was worth it, the Black Baccara roses were gorgeous!! We did in the end have a piper to pipe us in and out of the "church" but we decided that he wouldn't lead the prosession but stand up, behind the minister at the top of the "aisle". This meant that he wasn't overly imposing and gave the guests an opportunity to watch him! Great for the English and Welsh family! I was nearly in tears as I walked up to meet David, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to get any words out, or that I would start crying right in the middle of it all, but I managed to hold it together.
Afterwards it was like being famous for a day, every moment that we stopped this wall of flashes and clicks started up!! Our photographer was excellent and we fully recommend her (Ally Stuart) she took great formal, but not-so-formal shots of everyone and really captured the day!!

We got a short time to enjoy the gardens while Ally took the photographs and our videographer captured all the action live!! The guests were loving it, there was croquet on the lawn and some games for the kids. They went off exploring and chatted together. A slight blip in that we thought we had till 4.30pm (ceromony at 2) for all the photos but the venue thought it was only until 3.45pm. But I pushed for the photos, I felt that they were an important part of it and wanted some good ones. Alos, it was such a nice day that I felt it was nice for the guests to enjoy the weather and the whole 'being outside' experience, that was afterall why we choose this venue!!

The reception hall looked fabulous, exactly how I had wanted it, nice, very understated. I had always wanted to go with elegant rather than extravagant!! The food was a big hit with all the guests, many of whom were off for seconds (and thirds??!) We also had a buffet in the middle of the evening, leftovers (lol) and stovies! As well as a chance for some of the cake. For the meal itself my choices of dessert went down a storm (I'm pretty chuffed about that! I'm glad I got the choice right!!) We had Creme Brulee but with a difference - chocolate sauce and raspberries hidden at the bottom of the dish!! And a White Cocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake (See the unintentional theme!!). The cheese cake is something that I make myself - get the recipe here -
Cheesecake Recipe

The band was as we expected, brilliant, and everyone enjoyed themselves, even getting up for a huge Grand Old Duke of York and a rendition of The Music Man with actions!! Our flowergirl Kayleigh made sure everyone was entertained and dancing by collecting them all and taking them the dancefloor. We got some toys and colouring for the children too and as it was a nice night we had bubbles they could go off into the gardens and enjoy!

We stayed the night in the castle, in a huge room overlooking the lake. The bathroom was huge with a massive free standing bath and massive shower. You needed to pack a lunch to walk from one side to the other!!

Next moring it was a full English or continental breakfast in the castle's dining room before heading off. We took our marriage paperwork to the registrar to get it sorted and then back to mum's for an afternoon BBQ where I had a better opportunity to speak to our guests more informally!! Discovered, from one of my dad's cousin's, that her son had just got married and was currently at the exact resort in the Maldives that we were heading too!! Basically we would pass each other in the airport!!

This was more than we could have ever hoped for - the perfect wedding!! I will get an online album ASAP of the photos so everyone can have a peek!

Paper - What Weddings Are Really All About!!

Went into Arbroath today to drop off the fresh flowers to old 'Pie Bob' and to pick up the marrige paperwork. 'Pie Bob' loved the roses that we gave him, everyone so far has adored the colour of them! As do I still majorly chuffed that I got them - big cheesy grins!! We also gave him four miniature rose bushes. We are having some cream rose buds on the cake, as extra decoration so it was decided it would be best to give him the whole bush, then tomorrow he can pick off the ones he wants, then they won't have opened by the evening. It is going to take him an hour and a half to set the cake up tomorrow! Good lord!

The marriage certificate was easy to get, it had already been organised so it really was a case of just having to go into the registrar's office and pick up the papers. It is really weird talking about changing my name. To me, as I am sure it is to all people, is who I am, so the thought of changing that after 25 years of being who I am is a very strange concept, and probably what is causing me most stress about this wedding.

Face Of Dave

Make A Face Site

Just went here and had a bit of a laugh!!! You can make your own, umm face! Its a bit like a Police Sketch program, more limited though, of course! I made Dave, what you think? I don't think it is too bad!!!!!

Photos of Phriday!!

Below is a photo of the 'Automatic Hoover' that had been on our wedding gift list, unfortunately the guys at my work couldn't afford it, so they made their own... Complete with clockwork snail to power it all!!

Shoes, Shoes, Come On!! Where's All The Shoes!!

Okay, the wedding is in ummm four days and I have only just got my shoes! Suddenly remembered that,

'Duh! I need something on my feet!!!'

I am just not a shoe person, I don't go gooey over shoes, they are for keeping your feet dry, that's all, and I find them such a hastle to buy as well! Try them on, feet the wrong shape, try on another pair, looks great but too small, don't have it in your size, have it three sizes too big, will that do? Ah No! Almost as bad as clothes shopping. There's an instant way to make yourself feel fat!! Clothes shopping! Anyway, I digress...

We were going into Glasgow anyway for some last minute shopping for the Honeymoon so I thought,

'Fine, Glasgow LOADS of shoe shops'

And this is true, there are loads of shoe shops, just no shoes in them!!!

In the end Next came to the rescue with some wonderful shoes, not too expensive and in my size!!


Last Day of Work ... and Surprises All Round!!

Well, what a great last night and this morning!! Some totally unexpected gifts and celebrations! Its really weird I didn't think that people would be that interested, I don't mean that in a negative way, obviously I don't think that they would just be kind of
"oh, a wedding, blarghhh"
I thought there would be congratulations and questions from those not in the family and a few wishes of good luck but I have been blown away by the niceness of people.

Take last night, the last day of poker for us for the next 3/4 weeks (except Sunday, but we have established that that doesn't count) Two of the people we know from the poker, Barrie and Isobel gave us a card and a gift which was totally unexpected! Thanks very much guys! Then totally out of the blue was a gift and card from the lady whos pub we host the poker in!! A beautiful gift it was too (even if someone else did unwrap it!) I was quite overcome, I am not used to people making such a fuss!! :) :) :)

Then to just add to my "wow!" I get into work today, late (never trust alarm clocks!!) to find that everyone has signed a card, and decorated my desk with balloons and banners and even put together a little guide to marriage for us! LOL We are also heading out for lunch to a Indian resturant!! I am again so happy, I am really not used to this and it is so nice!!!

Exactly 1 week to go! - You're sitting where?

So, its the final week count down and I have just had an email from mum which appears to imply that they aren't doing the seating plan today which is what they were supposed to be doing. The seating plan is one joy that I have not had the pleasure of being part of. As i don't even really know over HALF the people coming to the wedding (that includes my family too) it seems inpossible for me to make any placing reccommendations!! So, if the fights break out I can stand back and say
"Nowt to do with me!!"

Second last day of work also, then three weeks off!!!!! How cool is that? I've only been here about 4 months and already major time off! They've been great though, I told them at the interview that I was getting married and they were happy to accommodate. They've even helped me get extra days off to cover what I needed (so I didn't have to take unpaid leave) by extending my contract by two months (i'm currently on a temporary contract). Have to admit I have become a little distracted.....

Poker tonight, last one for about 4 weeks. Sounds like a few people are coming along, hope its not too late a night.!! I'm not counting Sunday as to be honest it just seems like a bit of a waste of time!! Particularly when you could be using the time doing something wedding related!

Final Countdown - Don't People Write Things Down Anymore?


Just had an email from mum saying that the venue wants to know when the photographer and videogrpaher are turning up next Thursday! Now, I will stand corrected but I am pretty darn sure that we told them this at lease once if not twice as soon as we knew oursleves. It worries me slightly that the venue doesn't keep better records. But as I say I may be wrong, probably am, or I missed the point! That wouldn't be the first time.
Well, David has been band, photographer and videographer so I direct mum's request to him. Apparently the photographer is on holiday till Monday 11th and we can't get hold of the videographer. So the venue will have to wait. I have made a guess at the time, cos I didn't write it down as I was assuming that the venue was keeping a record, this is another reason why I was sure they knew, becuase everything they don't know is written down by us and as the inforamtion is passed on it can be removed from this list!

Hang on...

Follow up email from mum..

oh no, she has been let lose with the book dad bought to 'keep himself right' which, along with the word of our wedding planner, has become the gospel according to dad. Apparently:

Groom pays for
Gift for bride (optional)
His outfit
Expenses for the ceremony venue so I suppose that means the donation to the church
Bride's & bridesmaid's bouquets !!!!! and the buttonholes and corsages
Gifts for attendants ( bridesmaids, pages,best man and ushers) and flowers for both mothers
Transport for him and best man to ceremony and bride to reception
Honeymoon etc

Bride pays for
Groom's ring
Gift for groom ( optional )
Hairdresser for herself and bridesmaids altho nowadays it says the bridesmaids may pay!!!!!

Sounds like I get a pretty good deal!!!

David cough up....

Dad's Birthday

I t was dad's birthday today.
so we headed off to do some off road driving (and that wasn't just getting there), laser pigeon shooting and quad biking.

It really was a great day and a load of people turned up who even I wasn't expecting!!! I 'll get the photos up at some point! The quad biking was very muddy but alot of fun. david came off the bike though and hurt his wrist, really quite badly, but did the macho thing of saying 'I've kind of hurt my wrist' and saying nothing more so no one really made anything of it until it started swelling up...

If he wanted to get out of the wedding.....